You will find various kinds of Blooks in Blooket. However, some of the rare Blooks are only unlockable if you spend tokens. Using tokens, you can open random Blooks packs in the market. This is why players need more tokens to acquire more Blooks.

To get more tokens or coins, you need to:

  1. Play Factory mode for the maximum time.
  2. Always try to acquire the daily bonus.
  3. Play in Tower Defense mode.
  4. Sell Blooks for easy coins.

Since you will always need tokens or coins, you will want to grab them as soon as possible. In this article, you will learn how to get a lot of coins in Blooket.

So if you have the same question, please start reading this article and continue until the end.

Let’s start!

Best Method To Earn Blooket Coins 2024

As mentioned, there are four methods you can try to get more coins in Blooket. Now, I am going to talk about them one by one.

1. Play Factory Mode For The Maximum Time

If you are searching for a lot of Blooket coins, the best method is to play Factory mode. If you have upgraded your factory and played for at least 60 minutes, you will get a solid coin yield.

For every correct answer to the three questions in a row, you will earn more money for your factory. If you play for 60 minutes, you can get up to 100 coins or even more in Blooket.

2. Always Try to Acquire the Daily Bonus

After completing the first game of the day, you will get a bonus of 10 coins. Remember that this is a one-time bonus, but over time, you will realize that it is a great way to get coins in Blooket.

3. Play in Tower Defense Mode

If you play the game in Tower Defense mode, you might have noticed that it is the quickest way to acquire Blooket coins. While you may not get a large number of coins, the flow of coins is steady when using this method. Higher-level players will receive a higher payout at the end, making this an enjoyable and effective method to get coins in Blooket.

4. Sell Blooks and Get Quick Coins

If you do not want certain Blooks or do not need them, you can always sell them to acquire coins. This is a great way to get more coins in the game. Chroma Blooks, for example, can give you up to 300 coins. Selling unwanted Blooks is always a good idea to get quick coins in the game.

How To Get Infinite Coins In Blooket

Here I am going to share with you a hack to get an infinite number of coins in Blooket. To get an infinite number of coins, follow these steps:

  1. Right-click on the number of coins in the game.
  2. Click “Inspect.”
  3. Look for the coin value in the HTML directory of the game.
  4. Find the coin code and click the three dots.
  5. Click “Edit as HTML.”
  6. Scroll down to the bottom and find the coin code part.
  7. Delete the coin value and enter the number of coins you want.
  8. DO NOT press Enter, just close the window.

The Final Words

To get more coins in Blooket, you can play the game in Tower Defense mode, sell unwanted Blooks, acquire the daily bonus, and play Factory mode for at least 60 minutes. All the best! Happy gaming!

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